PostProval social media scheduling

Basic plan: all the basic features you need.

With the basic plan, you’re all set as a social media manager. Create, plan & communicate with customers all in one platform.

Unlimited clients

Give your clients a specific color. This way you will keep your overview.

Unlimited posts

Schedule posts for all your clients on the supported social media channels.

Social channels

Publish posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & TikTok.

Calendar & list view

Switch between list and calendar view to get a clear overview.

Instagram carousel

Easily publish carousel posts on Instagram for all your clients.


Mention relevant people/companies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Timezone setting

Select a timezone for your client. This way you post in their local time.

Location tagging

Tag a relevant location at your Instagram of Facebook post.

Client approval

Get feedback fast and easy on your posts by your clients.

TikTok reminder

Receive TikTok reminders, and post your video directly in the TikTok app.

Instagram reels

Easily schedule your video content as Reels on Instagram.

Social analytics

All the stats of all your social channels on one page.

Create drafts

Save your post as a draft and continue working when you have time.

IG product tags

Tag Instagram products while planning your content.

Approval follow-up

Automatic reminders if your client has not yet approved the posts.

Evergreen content

Simply duplicate your best performing posts, and re-use them.

First comment

Schedule the first comment on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

What's next?

Tell us what feature you want next, and we'll add it to the list. The more requests for a feature, the sooner we implement it.

Let us know

Coming up: Drafts

Save drafts with ideas before scheduling it as a post.

Basic plan, major benefits - PostProval

Basic plan, major benefits

Sign up for the basic plan and managing social media will get a lot more convenient.

With the basic plan, managing social media clients gets easier. You can create & schedule social posts for your clients in just a few clicks.

Also, all the hassle of getting approval on your posts is over. Within the basic plan, you’ll have the user-friendly client approval flow at your disposal. Bet your clients like it too?

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Experience social media management as it should be

Getting started is fast, easy & free. Just sign up, connect your social profiles and you’re ready!

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