PostProval social media scheduling

Easy social media management

Frustrated by the lack of efficient tools, I decided to take action.

A platform designed by and for social media managers.

With PostProval, you streamline your workflow, save precious time, and still achieve outstanding results.

↪️ These companies may not seem familiar to you, but they share your passion and drive. These are also (freelance) social media managers pursuing greater efficiency and better results.

Why PostProval?

Schedule & Observe

One platform for all your management

Schedule and follow-up on posts in just a few clicks. Overview all your clients and all their posts on one screen.

Feedback & Approval

An easy way to give and get feedback (on time)

An approval flow your clients will love too. Easy, visually and fool-proof.

And all communication is in one place. No more e-mails or texts to receive feedback or approval.

Evaluate & Report

Simple social analytics & white-label reporting

What if you had all social analytics in one place? In one tab? And in a pretty layout?

And at the beginning of each month, you receive the previous month’s report. Ready to send to your client.

Research & Creation

Focus on creation, we do the research

Our smart system provides you with useful suggestions and inspiration.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and based on your clients’ data.

Maaike - Mash Marketing

"Clients can provide input with just a few clicks, making collaboration smoother than ever."

Silke - Commsi

"Stop dabbling with Business Suite and embrace the power of PostProval..."

Elisa - E-Stories

"I would not hesitate. Test it and use it intensely, and you will see that this tool has what you need."

Let's make managing social media easy

Social media management has never been easier with my simple tool, made by and for social media managers.

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8 steps to a solid social media strategy for every client

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5 channels

Schedule & post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & TikTok.

Client approval

Get your posts approved by your client without much effort. Get feedback in no time.

At a glance

A monthly overview of your calendar, with all your posts, of all your clients (or per client).

Relevant metrics

Check the performance of your posts on one screen, with only relevant data.

Time zone

Select a timezone for your client. This way you post in their local time.

Instagram story

Easily schedule your stories on Instagram (direct publishing!).

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Experience social media management as it should be

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