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How Commsi said goodbye to her frustrations

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, content creators face numerous challenges in delivering compelling copy for social media, web, and various marketing materials.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Silke from Commsi, a talented copywriter who has mastered the art of capturing audiences with her engaging content. Let’s dive into her experiences and discover how PostProval revolutionized her social media management process.

When asked about her services for clients, Silke emphasized her expertise in copywriting for various media formats, including social media, websites, brochures, and catalogs.

Her primary focus lies in creating captivating content and managing social advertising campaigns along with effective email marketing strategies.

Meta Suite frustrations

We delved deeper into the journey of Silke and asked her about the most challenging aspect of her job. With a chuckle, she shared her frustrations with the constant changes and bugs in Meta (If you know, you know).

Silke found it tiresome to guide clients through the platform’s subtleties or explain why scheduled posts occasionally failed to go live at the intended time.

Driven by this frustration, she sought a platform that could seamlessly handle social media scheduling while providing a hassle-free user experience.

The switch to PostProval proved to be a game-changer for Silke.

It not only resolved her scheduling concerns but also offered a much-needed centralized platform for managing various social media channels.

With PostProval, Silke now enjoys the convenience of scheduling posts effortlessly across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, making her content management process more efficient and streamlined.

The variety of clients

Silke her passion for work shines through when discussing the aspects she loves most about her job.

She enjoys the exciting variety of clients she serves, ranging from small independent lingerie boutiques to larger SMEs in the brush manufacturing industry. From furniture retailers to pet crematoriums, Silke thrives on the diversity of sectors she encounters.

This rich variety of clients keeps her creative juices flowing as she crafts unique content every month. With a wealth of projects at her fingertips, Silke revels in the freedom and fulfillment that comes from working with different businesses.

The idea of being confined to a single business is simply unimaginable for her.

All-in-one platform

When questioned about why she chose PostProval for social media management, Silke highlighted the need for a versatile platform that allowed her to schedule content seamlessly across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Moreover, as a self-employed individual, Silke emphasized the importance of a user-friendly platform that catered to the needs of average users. She eagerly awaits the availability of PostProval in her native language, Dutch, as it would further enhance her user experience.

Inquiring about her previous social media management tools, Silke mentioned her past reliance on Meta Business Suite and Planable.

However, the most useful feature of PostProval, according to Silke, is its ability to schedule content across multiple social media channels. This powerful capability has truly transformed her workflow, allowing her to efficiently manage client accounts without the need for multiple platforms.

Easy to use for clients

Curious about her clients’ response to PostProval, we asked Silke to share their feedback. She excitedly reported that her clients had expressed overwhelmingly positive sentiments regarding the platform.

With its intuitive interface and seamless scheduling capabilities, PostProval has not only exceeded Silke her expectations but has also impressed her clients, leaving them delighted and confident in their social media management efforts.

Save 30 minutes per client

As we wrapped up our conversation, we discussed the time-saving benefits of using PostProval. Silke estimated that she saves around 30 minutes per month for each client (about 4 posts a month), which accumulates significantly as the number of posts increases.

With her busy schedule, this reclaimed time allows her to focus on creating compelling content and providing an exceptional client experience.

To further improve her workflow, Silke expressed her desire for a photo cropping feature within PostProval itself. This addition would enhance efficiency and ensure that visuals align perfectly with each social media platform’s specifications.

(We added it to the list ;-))

Peace of mind

Silke her advice to those still hesitant about embracing PostProval is straightforward and resolute:

“Stop dabbling with Business Suite and embrace the transformative power of PostProval. It not only saves you valuable time but also brings peace of mind and greater control over your social media management efforts.”

Silke her journey is proof of the positive impact that PostProval can have on social media professionals. Join Silke and countless others who have experienced the unbeatable convenience and efficiency of PostProval’s comprehensive social media management platform.

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