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How Masch Marketing gets fast approval form clients

How Masch Marketing gets fast approval form clients via PostProval

In the dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead is of the highest priority.

Maaike of Masch Marketing, a strategic marketing consultant, understands this very well and is dedicated to helping companies create comprehensive marketing plans and execute effective campaigns.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Maaike, as she is a valued member of the PostProval community.

Timely input from clients

For Masch Marketing, the challenge was clear: timely input from clients and effectively organizing a schedule packed with different projects.

What I like most about my job is the variety and constant learning. As a consultant, I end up in many different companies, which means I can learn about a new product or service every time. That gives me energy.

However many different projects can sometimes cause fragmentation, Maaike confirms. This sometimes makes it difficult to provide sufficient focus time.

This is where PostProval came to the rescue.

Save 30 minutes per client

Maaike already tried tools such as Meta Business Suite, Kontentino and Loomly. But none of those tools met her needs.

So, how did PostProval fulfill its needs?

“The most useful feature for me is the ease with which clients can provide feedback on posts. No more accounts, logins, or complicated procedures. Clients can provide input with just a few clicks, making collaboration smoother than ever.”

According to Maaike, PostProval saves around 30 minutes per client on her monthly workload, a significant advantage in an already busy schedule.

A believer in Belgian solutions

Choosing PostProval was a strategic move for Maaike. The fact that our platform was developed by and for freelancers and its Belgian origin caught her eye.

It is not only the quality and ease of use of the software that won her over but also the fast and direct support that adds an extra layer of value.

To further improve her workflow, Maaike suggests a fixed client selection feature within PostProval. Now, if you work on a post and return to the calendar you will end up back in the calendar with all clients.

(We added it to the list ;-))

There is no going back

Asked for advice for people hesitating to use PostProval, Maaike heartily recommended giving it a try.

“The platform’s user-friendly design and risk-free trial period make it an easy choice. Once you experience the convenience of PostProval, there is no going back ;-).”


In the world of marketing, where time is of the essence and adaptability crucial, PostProval has become an indispensable ally for professionals like Masch Marketing’s Maaike.

As our community grows, these success stories continue to inspire us and reaffirm our commitment to delivering effective and user-friendly solutions.

Masch Marketing’s journey with PostProval is proof of the power of streamlining, efficiency, and expert support. With PostProval’s help, marketing professionals can not only meet the challenge but rise above it and set new standards for success.

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