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I can’t see all the pages I manage on Facebook when connecting my account

When authenticating your Facebook account with PostProval, we will ask for a set of permissions from you. You will have a choice either to grant or revoke some permissions:

If you revoke any of the permissions PostProval will not be able to connect with Facebook and some of its features will not work.

Sometimes, the access token to Facebook might expire and you’ll need to reset PostProval from Business Integrations, here’s how:

  1. Go to your Facebook business integrations:
  2. Search PostProval app in the list.
  3. Click Remove business integration.
  4. Authenticate your Facebook account in PostProval again and grant access.
  5. Make sure to grant access to all pages (this is very important) that you manage with PostProval, otherwise we will not be able to publish posts on your behalf.

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