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Everything you need to know about Pinterest that nobody told you

Everything you need to know about Pinterest that nobody told you

You’re probably thinking, “Pinterest? Isn’t that just for women?” But the fact is that Pinterest, with its massive traffic influx (more than 4 billion monthly users), is having a huge impact on e-Commerce. And do you know what the best part about it is? You can leverage all of this traffic without paying a dime for ads.

There are a lot of Pinterest guides out there that tell you everything that you need to be doing, but none of them mention the things that really matter.

The fact that content created with Pinterest specifically in mind has been so successful among businesses presents a unique opportunity. However, simply using the platform as it was intended will not make a business successful. Some users of Pinterest are aware that there is a creator rather than just a consumer on the site, but most are not.

Instead, they see the posts they view as personally relevant and easy to share with their own network. The success of an account is dependent on what can be done with this group of individuals with a shared interest. Strategic selection of the type of content posted and how it is presented to the user can create a successful social media marketing strategy for brands interested in growing their Pinterest presence.

At its core, Pinterest is a visually oriented social network, albeit one with some unique twists. So if you’re looking for advice on how to use it as a business tool, you’re going to have to make sure that your content truly stands out. And that takes a little work.

1. The best time to pin is 9-11 p.m. EST.

Keep in mind that this time is only an average, worldwide. To know when is the best time for you, test it yourself. Schedule your pins on different days and different times, and see for yourself when you get the most clicks and views.

2. The ideal length of a Pin description

For the title of a Pin you get 100 characters and for the description, you get 500. The title is the most important text. Put lots of keywords in the title, but keep it readable. For the description, put the most important words in the first 50 characters, because many users don’t click to read further.

Don’t forget the ALT text (descriptive text image)! The ALT text improves findability. (You can also fill in the ALT text when you schedule a Pin with PostProval)

3. You can pin up to 200 items a day.

But should you pin 200 items a day?

Of course, that’s the question you’re left with. You have to upload a lot of your own, new content, but how often do you do that? And do you need to repin in addition?

Upload 1 to 2 fresh pins of your own per day. So 1 or 2 of your own designs! You can also repin other (relevant) content once in a while.

So, about 10 – 15 pins per day are sufficient, both own designs (own pins) and repins. So when you post (more than) 25 pins per day, you can start scaling down.

This will save you time, which you can then spend on designing new pins.

4. Pinterest is one of the best traffic generators for websites

If you thought Pinterest was only ideal for finding vegan, organic smoothie bowls and the latest hair flip trends, think again.

Pinterest is a search engine (just like Google) and also works with some kind of SEO system. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In order for readers of your blog to share your content on Pinterest (yes you want to), and thus increase your online visibility on Pinterest, it is important that the images you use on your blog will also be findable on Pinterest by others who are interested in your topics.

Just as there are optimization options for your blog, there are also optimization options for Pinterest.

Pinterest SEO is focused on 2 things:

  1. Optimization of your Pinterest account.
  2. Optimization of the images on your blog. Choose the images you use on your site or blog carefully.

5. It has better conversion rates than any other social network

If you want high-quality conversions, Pinterest is the place to be.

For this, rich Pins work extremely well. Rich Pins provide tons more details and context than the typical pin. You can use the following pin types: apps, products, recipes, and articles.

Rich Pins give users more information, like the ingredients or recipe for a new dish.

So, Pinterest is more than just a treasure trove of quotes and ideas on how to throw the best party. It’s an important tool for your business.

The trick is to first understand what people are already doing on the platform. They’re shopping. They’re browsing for new products.

Then you can use some of these features to capitalize on their intent.

The results you start seeing will quickly confirm that Pinterest marketing is no laughing matter.

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