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Facebook error: Please reduce the amount of data you’re asking for, then retry your request

Every now and then, you might encounter an error message preventing your posts from being published. It reads:

“Please reduce the amount of data you’re asking for, then retry your request.”

This issue is a known bug in the Facebook API, affecting various parts of their system (refer to their bug reports below). Facebook has acknowledged that it occurs when their servers face memory constraints.

Most feedback suggests that including Page mentions in your posts triggers this problem.

Interestingly, we’ve discovered that sometimes posts are successfully published on your Facebook Page, despite PostProval indicating a failure.

To determine if your post made it to your Facebook Page, we recommend checking there and taking appropriate action.

If retrying the post still fails, it’s possible that the Facebook API cannot publish posts with the mentioned Page. In such cases, you can try posting directly on or schedule the post and manually add the Page mention afterwards.

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