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10 content ideas to level-up your social media 

Having good content is essential for a well informative social media channel. Especially for a business, social media channels can play a big role. Below we put nice content ideas that every company can use to post great content on their social media channels. 

1. Behind the scenes

People like to see behind the scenes of a company. This can help them develop a better understanding of your product, how many people worked on a product, or how a product is made. These are all great content to use behind the scenes. We recommend using this type of content at some point.  

2. Show a tutorial

One of the best ways to educate your target audience is to provide a tutorial on your product, service, or platform. This way, people can read or see how a product should be used. In the manual, you can explain how to install your product, the correct maintenance of your product, the purpose of your service, or how to work on your platform. through a manual, you can help different people to understand and use your product better. 

3. Answer frequently asked questions

Be as clear as possible to the outside world. today, transparency is very important. So if there are any questions/ unclarities or remarks, by no means ignore them but address them. The better informed a potential customer is about your product the bigger the chance that the customer will buy your product/service. You can for example do a question and answer session with or without video footage. Give a correct and clear answer to the questions or ambiguities of a customer. 

4. Create a monthly/ yearly review

Start your trend, tradition. You can do something that other companies don’t do or don’t do often. For example, you can do a monthly or yearly ( see how much time you have) review of your business. Be sincere about this, if it was a bad month/year explain why, where did it go wrong? Talk about how you want to improve your business. Say it was a good year, tell why or in what areas you want to grow/improve. That way the customers get a better idea of how your business works.

5. Tease new products/ features/ services

Social media can be used perfectly to update your visitor on what is happening behind the scenes and if there is a new product in the making. You can use social media to tease your new products in order to get people excited about your new product, service, or feature. In this way, you can also see how people from the outside world react to a new product launch. In addition, you can do a countdown to the launch of your new product, service, or feature. People will then visit your company again on the day itself to see what is new. Definitely, do it is the message. 

6. Use inspirational quotes  

To make your target audience better understand your values and standards you can use a quote. You can explain why you think this quote is important and explain the link with your company. 

For example, your quote could be ‘I can’t but we can’. This is a quote that is central to our company, around teamwork. We as a company think it is important to have a good but also strong team. That there is trust in each other and that we help each other on good and bad days. 

7. Give-away

The best way for people to boost your social accounts is to arrange a giveaway. This is one of the best ways for your followers to promote your profile for free. A giveaway also increases your brand awareness of your business. For example, by each participant tagging 3 new people in your post, that’s potentially 3 new customers. It’s also a well-known fact that people love free things. It is a win-win situation for you as a company, but also for your target group. 

8. Jump on a trend in your niche

From time to time, there is a new trend that starts. A trend is an action done by different people or companies based on their lives. Think of a TikTok dance or companies using more and more influencers to use their products and then provide a review. These are things that have changed extremely over time. So is there a trend that fits into your niche/market/product don’t let that golden opportunity pass, but jump on the trend and personalize it by your company values and norms. 

9. Share advice

Helping others is also a way to interact with your audience. You can do this by giving advice on your area of expertise or by telling about a past mistake and explaining how you learned from it. By giving good business advice you can help other companies or individuals in their business not to make that mistake or give them a solution to any problems. 

10. Customers reviews 

Asking your customers for a testimonial on a regular basis can help with your business image. Having these testimonials come from people who have used your product, service or platform can make a difference to potential customers. Sharing those testimonials on your social media channels can help build trust in the company. So the message is to occasionally ask customers to provide a testimonial or review about your product, service, or platform. Suppose it is not a good review, you can also respond to it, and make sure the problem or unclarity is resolved. So you can get another positive testimonial from that client. 

Through these creative ways of content, you can make your business look fun on social media channels. Be sure to adapt the style of these posts to your company style to make them even more relatable to your target audience. Hopefully, you will use one or more of the content ideas listed above. Good luck with it.

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