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6 ideas for Instagram

It is important to have an online presence with your business today considering many people first look up your business online. So a well-informed social media channel is key to keeping customers properly informed.

Here are some ideas that any business can use to make your Instagram account attractive to your customers.

Instagram stories

Use stories to get people to understand how your business works:

1. Team introduction

Would you like your customers to get to know your company on a more personal level? Introduce your team in a story post. For example, you can do this by highlighting one employee each week and briefly describing what his job description is or which items he has already accomplished for your company. 

2. Make use of polls

You can do market research very easily by-polls. Suppose you have a product and you would like to launch it in a new color. You can ask your target group directly what color they want for that product. Another example is if you offer a service you can put 2 services in your poll and ask them which one is in demand. This way you have a better idea of what is expected from you by your ‘potential’ customers. 

3. Quiz about your market

One final story content is to start a quiz around your/the market. Inform customers about your market, tell facts, and problems, ask a question, and so on. For example, “How many people use our product?” through this question the customer has an idea of how many people have this product. This can be a push to you to go to your website and buy your product. The content should not be just about your product, be sure to tell things about the market you are in. 

Feed posts

It is important that in your feed there is enough variety between your content. It is important to have informative posts but also fun light-hearted content. This way you have the perfect mix for any client that views your profile. 

4. Carousel 

Do you have multiple photos of a topic? Then use a carousel. This way you can place several photos in one post. You can use this if there was an event in your company, and you have different ambiance photos, you can put them all in 1 post. Keep in mind that you can only use 10 photos per carousel. 

5. Share a testimony 

When a product or service gets a good review it can be a push for other customers. This is a kind of proof that the company has a good product or service. That’s why we recommend asking your customers for a testimonial once in a while and then you can use it during your Instagram feed. For example, you can make it a monthly thing to share a testimonial. Also, you can explain your project to potential clients as well. By doing so, clients can get a better picture of what your business does. 

Video content 

6. Video/ reels 

Besides a good mix of content, it is also important to use different types e.g. story content, feed content, and video material. This is a barrier for many companies, but it is definitely worth the effort. By using visual material e.g. reels you can get an extra boost from Instagram. There are several video content ideas that a company can use. For example, having an employee vlog for a day, answering frequently asked questions in a video, giving a demonstration about a particular product, or on the other hand explaining how a certain platform works. 

When considering and creating content for Instagram, you should definitely understand your target audience well and know which kind of people you are targeting with your posts. Properly identifying your target audience, will have a big effect on posting on Instagram. Now that you have an idea about the different types of content. Be sure to use one or more ideas on your Instagram account. 

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