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Expand your reach on social media for free thanks to these 5 tips!

Expand your reach on social media for free

Wondering how to increase your reach on social media without too much time and effort? You are not the only one! The algorithms of various social media channels are so complex that it is difficult to reach your target group for free. But, no worries! We give you 5 tips to take your reach and interaction to the next level. And yes, we repeat: for free, without too much time and effort!

Content is key

Before you bet on social media, it is important to find out who your target audience is and what topics your target audience finds interesting to read. Based on this, create your social media post. Choose appropriate images and write your texts in a focused way.

💡 Tip! Interact with your audience and ask questions to find out what content they find interesting. You can do this using an Instagram Reel or a poll on Instagram Story.

Be Consistent

Regularity, harmony and consistency. Things we all look for in life, but they also apply to social media. Do you want your business to still be around in 25 years? Then you need to be consistent in the persistence and persistence of your communications. Decide for yourself what posting frequency is feasible for you and your work schedule, but definitely try to actively post every week.

💡 Tip! Do you really want your post to be remembered? Then repetition is the message! You don’t have to reinvent hot water. You can perfectly repeat a social media post with a different image and slightly altered text.

Don’t forget to tag/mention

Did you know that you increase your reach by tagging people and locations? When you tag someone, your message appears on their profile, which immediately increases your reach. Chances are these people will also spread your message further. Tagging your location once in a while is also worthwhile, as this is something that gets searched a lot.

💡 Tip! On LinkedIn, it is not common to just randomly mention people in your posts. Therefore, only tag people you know.


Hashtags are especially popular on Instagram. This is because they create more interaction, which means Instagram users will automatically come to your post. Moreover, you will also be found much faster by other users.

💡 Tip: Only use relevant hashtags under your post.


Do you want more reach? Then it is important to interact with your followers. We already said it in tip 1: ask your audience targeted questions and respond to comments and DMs. You will notice that the threshold to respond is lowered.

Getting Started!

Here are the 5 takeaways:

  1. Content is key: Go for topics that your target audience finds interesting.
  2. Be consistent: Be consistent in the persistence and persistence of your communications.
  3. Don’t forget to tag: Tag people and locations.
  4. Hashtags: Hashtags allow for more interaction.
  5. Engagement: Respond to comments and DMs.

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