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How to use LinkedIn for your business?

LinkedIn maybe you’ve heard of it, but you’re not sure how to use LinkedIn for your business? We’d love to help you better understand what LinkedIn is and how you can use it for your business. 

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform aimed at businesses. It allows you to share your professional stories, connect with other companies and expand your network with other professionals, and in doing so, it makes your business more visible online. It is a must for every company, small or big. 

Why use LinkedIn?

1. Stay in touch with friends and acquaintances 

In your life, you have several acquaintances with whom you do not communicate daily. To know what your acquaintances are doing, LinkedIn is the perfect place. By having a connection on LinkedIn with these persons you can keep track of their careers.

2. Biggest platform for businesses 

LinkedIn is the largest business networking platform. Many companies use their account as online business cards delivered to the outside world. There are different companies from different industries on LinkedIn. Who likes to share their stories, and problems with the outside world. In addition to this, you can also let people know if you have open positions and are looking for people to join your team. 

3. Free platform

Like many other social media channels, LinkedIn is free to use. Creating and managing an account is free. What you do need to invest is your time to create a good profile and maintain relationships with your network. For companies, you also have the possibility to create a business account. Besides this, you can advertise where you need to.

How to use it for your business?

As mentioned earlier, this is your online business card for your company. So with that, the idea is to share accurate information with the outside world. 

1. Correct information 

Make sure all the company information on your LinkedIn business profile is up to date with reality. If this is not the case, adjust this as soon as possible. 

2. Involve employees 

Ask your employees to think about content about the company, for example, a day on my work, vlog, time-lapse, and share their experience. This can help to make your company more visible. In addition, ask your employees to like, share, and respond to company posts. This way, your network will grow with their followers. 

3. Tag people and companies 

When you post you can make use of tagging. This allows you to include other people, or companies in a post about them or who were involved. For example, when you explain a project on your profile, think about tagging the people in the project who were involved. This way your reach will increase. 

4. Talk about your company

Did you have an event? Had an issue and solved it? Completed a project successfully? Have you expanded your team or are you looking for a new employee in your company? All these things are perfect to share on your LinkedIn profile. These are examples of real LinkedIn content. Be honest and creative in the way you share your experience. By telling great stories to other LinkedIn users you might stick in their minds as the company they are looking for because of a story or how you handled a problem can be a boost to do business with your company. Try not to share the same content over and over again but share different things about your company. By doing so the outside world will understand your company better and that can be a positive result. 

LinkedIn is a very good platform to use for your business. Hopefully, this has given you the boost to create your LinkedIn account. With this info, you now better understand what LinkedIn is and how you can use it for your business. 

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