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Biggest update so far since the launch of PostProval

PP social media calendarPP social media calendar

We have been working hard to improve your experience on PostProval. And now it’s time to show off all of our hard work 😇

Here’s what you’ll find in the new version of PostProval:

  • New, fresher lay-out
  • Create drafts
  • New functionality for the approval flow
  • Character count check
  • Check on number of hashtags for Instagram

More explanation on the features below the images.

💥 P.S. Some of these features have been specifically requested by our users 💙

🌟 Fresh lay-out

📝 Create drafts

If you still need to ask or look something up, you no longer have to schedule or delete your post immediately. 

From now on you can save it as a draft and continue working when you have time.

Note – drafts are obviously not published.

✅ New functionality for the approval flow

You can specify per client whether they must give approval before a post can be posted.

You can set a time per client (24h, 48h or 72h) to send a reminder email if they have not yet approved your proposal.

By default, your clients remain on “no approval required” – so be sure to adjust this at the clients level if you want to activate it.

🧮 Character count check

We have implemented a character count check for all text fields.

For this, we take into account the maximum number of characters each channel allows.

(There is still a slight deviation in the exact number depending on whether you use special characters, but this is on our schedule for the next update)

️# Check on number of hashtags

We check the number of hashtags for your Instagram posts, so you cannot add more than 30.

(Otherwise, it will be considered spam by Instagram and your post will not be published)

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