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This is how you set up LinkedIn for your business

how to use linkedin for your business

The online social network LinkedIn is the perfect place for you, as an entrepreneur, to raise your profile. You can greatly expand your network by signing up if you haven’t already. After you register, you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs you already know and even people you’ve never spoken to before.

Because you are referred through people you know, you can expand your network with more confidence. After all, you are being referred through someone you already know and you know for yourself if you can trust that person or not.

In this blog, I will address how you can set up LinkedIn in the best way if you are an entrepreneur.

Setting up your business page

As a business owner, you create a business profile with LinkedIn. You do this by clicking the “Work” icon and then “+ Business Page” on your LinkedIn home page. Follow the steps to complete the creation of your business profile.

You also get the option to create a showcase page, this is nice for 1 service or if you have multiple affiliates, for example. Skip this for now because you can’t easily delete pages on LinkedIn, unlike Facebook.

Once you have completed this process you can start setting up your business profile. Not only to expand the network but also to acquire new customers.

Description of your business on LinkedIn

The best way to get as many people as possible to visit your LinkedIn profile is to be unique. So that you as an entrepreneur really stand out to potential customers and that customers immediately know what you do and how you add value to your customer.

Your headline is therefore very important. In your headline, you need to incorporate terms that make it easy for people to find you. A good headline ensures that potential customers find you quickly through search engines.

When describing your company, clearly state how you differ from the competition. What are your purpose and mission and how can your company help others achieve their business goals?

However, don’t write too long-winded stories. Briefly and concisely describe who you are and what people can expect from you. It should be clear to members of your network what you do so they can also refer you within their own network.

Photo or logo

At least make sure your company logo is in view or upload a photo of yourself if you are a sole proprietor. Putting a photo on your profile is important to expand your network. Do you have a business with employees? Then it’s best to put your logo in the profile photo and in the header photo a nice group photo spot in or in front of your company.

Are you self-employed without employees? Then you can already put only yourself in your profile picture and you can do something with your logo in the header.

People who have met you once or twice may forget your name, but a familiar face is more likely to make them want to contact you online. In addition, this also contributes to how “nice” they think you are. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the favor factor either.

Personal touch with an invitation

Inviting people to connect with you is done with your personal LinkedIn profile.

If you want to invite someone to your network, be personal in your message. Don’t send a standard message but refer for example to where you met the person or who you both know.

If this is not applicable, explain why you want to add him or her to your network and what, if anything, the other person will get in return.

Don’t try to sell your products or services directly. This can backfire and make your invitation look like a spam message.

Check the “people you might know” list every day. This keeps you up-to-date in terms of invitations you want to send or accept.

Being active on social media is important. A LinkedIn profile that is not updated for weeks or months does not create trust with clients or network connections. In addition, it is also important to post on your business page to increase the chances of more followers for your business.

Also, make it easy for people to reach you. Post your email address or phone number prominently on your page.

Getting found online

Besides that crucial headline and posting regularly on your business profile and page, there are a few other things you can do to increase your visibility.

Try using other social media sites you are active on to direct people to your LinkedIn page. For example, through your Facebook or Twitter account.

Join groups on LinkedIn that apply to your business to increase your network and create more opportunities for yourself.

You can also ask for recommendations so that visitors to your LinkedIn profile can read about the positive experiences of other customers. This strengthens your trustworthiness.

Write recommendations yourself for your clients and key people in your network. This shows that you are serious about networking and what you can do for others.

Statistics on your LinkedIn page

Keep an eye on the statistics on the LinkedIn page. This way you can see which posts are read a lot and which are not. That way you can tailor your content to your target group.

When you go to your LinkedIn page you will see Statistics in the white bar at the top between Overview and Notifications. There you can click on visitors, updates, and followers for more insight.

Understanding these statistics can help you learn which days your content is best received and which posts have the most interaction. In doing so, you can find out what field people work in that see your posts or visit your page. That way, you can adjust your messaging accordingly to reach the largest group of people possible.

Is it necessary?

Do I really need to create a business LinkedIn account as an entrepreneur? You don’t have to do anything, of course, but remember that LinkedIn can give you good options.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with people you might otherwise never have met.

Half of the businesses use LinkedIn as their first marketing channel and only then do they use Facebook.

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing business where more companies and individuals are registering every day. Ultimately with the same goal; a larger professional network. If you are part of that you can achieve more than on your own.

Do you want to grow your business, acquire clients and greatly expand your network? Then create a business LinkedIn profile today.

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