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How Emjee saves 2-3 hours per client managing social media

What makes Emjee manage social media with ease and efficiency

Managing social media these days is anything but simple. You need to provide perfect service to your clients while keeping up with ever-changing platforms and algorithms.

I recently had a chat with Jolien from Emjee, and she shared her experiences and insights on managing social media efficiently and easily.

Helping clients with full support

Jolien provides administrative support to her clients. One of the tasks is managing their social media. By taking over this task, her clients can focus on their core business without the stress of managing their online presence.

Why PostProval stands out

When I asked her why she chose PostProval over other tools, her reasons were clear and convincing:

I love the clear overview per client and the ability to communicate directly with clients about posts. They can easily approve content or give feedback, which streamlines the process significantly,” she says.

The approval feature solves one of the main pain points in managing social media: maintaining clear and efficient communication with clients.

What makes Emjee manage social media with ease and efficiency

The transition from Meta Business Suite

Before discovering PostProval, Jolien relied on Meta Business Suite for her social media management needs. While it served its purpose, PostProval offered distinct advantages that made the switch worthwhile.

Several features of PostProval stood out to Jolien, making it an essential tool in her daily workflow.

The ease of use, the overview per client, and the direct connection to the client are handy,” she highlights.

These features simplify her tasks and enhance the overall client experience.

Positive client reactions and time savings

Jolien’s clients have reacted positively to PostProval, appreciating the streamlined approval process and clear communication. This positive feedback reinforces the value of the tool in providing superior service.

In terms of time savings, the impact of PostProval is significant.

I save 2 to 3 hours per client per month,” she estimates. This efficiency gain allows her to take on more clients or dedicate additional time to other tasks.

So for those still in doubt about using PostProval, Jolien’s advice is straightforward and encouraging.

Try it and find out how easy it is,” she urges. Her first-hand experience and the practical benefits she finds, strongly encourage giving PostProval a chance.

What makes Emjee manage social media with ease and efficiency


In the competitive field of social media management, finding the right tools can make all the difference.

Jolien’s success story with PostProval highlights the importance of a user-friendly, client-focused tool that streamlines processes and saves valuable time.

If you’re looking to enhance your social media management efficiency and client satisfaction, PostProval might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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